Meet The Team

Amber Gourley MS, LDN, RDN

Lead Dietitain

Specialties include:

Autoimmune diseases, digestive issues, pelvic pain & dysfunction, chronic pain, and fibromyalgia, neurohealth, depression/anxiety, traumatic brain injury

Danielle Dahlin MS, LDN, RDN

 Functional Nutrition Specialist

Specialties include:

Digestive disorders including SIBO, autoimmune diseases, chronic pain, kidney disease, thyroid, weight management, diabetes, allergies, food intolerances & sensitivities, plant based diets 

Morgan Labelle MS, LDN, RDN

Eating Disorder Specialist

Specialties include:

Eating disorders & body dysmorphia, teen health issues, sports nutrition digestive issues, allergies, food intolerance & sensitivities, PCOS, hormonal issues

Kati Dunn MS, LDN, RDN


Specialties include:

Pediatrics, post menopause weight loss and management, diabetes, cardiovascular disease gluten sensitivity & intolerance,