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 heal u Wellness Center Launching Summer 2021

 Due to Covid 19 we have had to postpone the expansion of our float and sauna services and these are not avaialbe at this time.

We are currently accepting new clients for our nutrition & massage  services

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Good Health doesn’t have to be a struggle 

The best way to heal your body is to treat yourself. With world class practitioners and state-of-the-art services, The Heal U Integrative Wellness Center is like a spa day for your health. 

Nutrition Therapy

nutrition therapy


In a world of rushed medical appointments, our highly trained nutrition experts take the time to listen. Because there’s always another way. Your way. You get to write the ending to your health story. Together, we’ll customize a plan for your specific needs and support you every step of the way.

Massage Therapy in Johnson City, TN

massage therapy


Welcome to your self-care routine where you get one uninterrupted hour (or more) of being taken care of. With nothing to think about but how relaxed you feel, our highly trained massage therapists will have you walking away feeling refreshed and restored.

Float Tank Therapy in Johnson City, TN

float tank

A massage for your nervous system. Float your way to stress-free, improved immune function, muscle recovery, better sleep, enhanced creativity and more.  Interested in the benefits of the Dead Sea without traveling halfway around the world? Learn more about our state of the art float rooms and the benefits of floating. 

Infrared Sauna Therapy in Johnson City, TN

infrared sauna

Not your average ordinary sauna. Our sauna boosts your body’s ability to revitalize, renew, restore itself at the cellular level. Using a type of heat that radiates into your body at a cellular level, detoxify, lose weight, reduce pain, lower blood pressure, increased immunity, and improve circulation. A perfect complement to your self-care routine.

We Find Root Causes

Have you been the greatest advocate for your health, but nothing’s really helped?  Maybe you’ve learned to live with pain, and accept fatigue…Or decided this is “just the way life is” now. We hear this story every single day.  It’s a story that doesn’t have to end the way you think.  

Together, we will find a solution to getting your health, energy, and life back.

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Each of our four services has been curated to complement one another. Your body is unique and requires multiple approaches across varying touch points.

Our monthly membership is a personalized integrated approach on your journey to good health. 


What others are Saying

“I have worked closely with Amber professionally for 1 1/2 years and have the utmost of respect for her. So, when I started having some medical issues, I immediately turned to her. Coupled with scientific curiosity and tremendous knowledge, Amber is a wonderful and unusual balance – the whole package. She gets it. She is realistic with her recommendations and will truly partner with you until you meet your goals. I am grateful that Amber’s on my team.”

“I found Amber on social media and eventually reached out to her because I felt like she could teach me how to better control my MS. In just two weeks I saw a huge difference in my anxiety and my ability to think clearer. Many of my symptoms vanished. I am sleeping so much better and I actually have more energy than I have had in years! I’m grateful to Amber for opening my eyes to a better way.”

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COVID-19 UPDATE TO SERVICES We are OPEN and currently still seeing nutrition clients. Appointments are being conducted virtually & in-person using our video platform & insurance is reimbursing as normal. We ask those coming into the office to wear a mask  CLICK HERE TO BOOK NOW