One Body, Many Paths

Holistic Wellness

Step into Heal U – a Holistic Wellness Center
where finding the root cause via hearing your story
meets “Holy !?&$ – I finally found what I’m looking for!”

Empowered Wellness



Your nutrition, your way is the heartbeat of feeling empowered in your wellness journey. 

Food is one part medicine & one part joy. It has the power to help you feel good again + give health & hope to digestive issues, cognitive health, hormones, autoimmune diseases, chronic pain, blood sugar balance, eating disorders, & more.

We fuel you to heal you.

Massage Therapy

This ancient body work improves your circulation, supports your lymphatic system,

eliminates toxins, reduces anxiety, improves your sleep, & decreases muscle tension 

in order to increase your entire body’s wellbeing.

Infrared Sauna

The magic of the infrared sauna lies in elevating your body’s ability to 

revitalize, renew, & restore itself at a cellular level. 

Detoxification, a healthier immune system, sharpened brain, improved heart health, 

rejuvenated skin, decreased inflammation, & increased metabolism all await you in the sauna.

Float Therapy

Just like the healing benefits of the Dead Sea, float therapy is therapeutic 

for your mind, body, & soul. Floating within a sensory deprivation tank in a soothing bath of 

Epsom salt decreases stress, promotes muscle relaxation & recovery, deeper sleep, detoxification, & helps manage pain, PTSD, ADHD, anxiety, & depression.


Your genes affect how your body responds to food. 

The relationship between your gene expression, nutrients, & diet hold the keys 

to your unique blueprint of health – both physically & emotionally – & even unlock how to reduce your risk of disease. Nutritional genomics is distinctly personalized nutrition that can 

help you reach your goals like you’ve never experienced before. 

Empowered Wellness


You’ll receive a compassionate approach to hearing your story coupled with a dedicated plan of care for you & your unique needs. This is YOUR health, YOUR way.


You’ll receive an initial 2 hour assessment where we review your history & experiences together + get to know each other on a deeper level to ensure your complete comfort.


You’ll receive a simple, actionable, tailored plan of care that is both focused on healing root cause + is sustainable for your lifestyle to get you healing & feeling good quickly.


The Tri-Cities Only Holistic Wellness Center with a focus on
hearing your story in order to find the root cause and heal it

Woman owned

Functional, integrative, Registered Dietitians blending eastern & western
nutrition strategies
Personalized, holistic, whole-body plans
Multi-modality approach
Trauma sensitive
World-class all-female practitioner team
Your newest healthcare & self-care besties
5 years in business


A Message From Our Founder

We don’t work with opinions, diets, or gimmicks.
Or guidelines that don’t mean anything. Or quick-fixes that don’t fix anything.
We work with humans – with your unique body & unique needs.
What works for one woman, may not work for another.
So not only do we march to the beat of our own drum, we march to YOURS.
Even when no one else does. ESPECIALLY when no one else does.
Heal U is here to heal YOU.

–Amber Gourley, MS, LDN RDN, CLT, PCC
Heal U Founder & Lead Dietitian

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