A Massage For Your Nervous System

Float Tank Therapy in Johnson City

You make time for the gym. You make time for a massage. You don’t make time to think.

Slow your roll, sister. 

We know you’re busy. We know that daily meditations don’t just happen. So what if you could make a date with you – with no emails, no kids, no laundry, no dishes, no spouse, no work, no pets, no bills – where you can just forget the world for an hour? 

In one hour you can drop your stress (& your cortisol) & feel more resilient. And that resiliency gets stronger every time you float.

Life will still be there waiting for you at the end of your float.

But you’ll have more patience, solve problems faster, have more energy, manage your stress better, have fewer sleepless nights because your mind is actually quiet, & be able to let things go without ruminating.


Sleep deeper. Reduce anxiety. Improve blood sugar. Lower blood pressure & heart rate. Aid muscle relaxation & recovery. Improve cognition & creativity.

And do it all without moving a single muscle.

What To Expect

First, you’ll be greeted by our concierge at reception. The soft lights & gentle music will instantly help you feel relaxed. Don’t be surprised if you start to feel your shoulders drop!

After a cup of tea, you’ll be guided to your private room. We’ll walk you through how the float tank works so you feel comfortable, then leave you to enjoy your hour. 

You’ll float in four feet of water that’s so salty you’re weightless. The water & air temperature are both set to 93 degrees – the approximate temperature of your body – so you’re neither too hot or too cold. You’re just right.

You’ll have room to move your arms or stand up & you can leave the door open or closed.

You can listen to music in waterproof headphones or enjoy the silence.

You can have the lights on or off (for full sensory deprivation).

Everything is customizable for your comfort, enjoyment, & ultimate relaxation.

You’ll float for 60 minutes. It may take a few minutes to relax into the experience, but that’s normal. This is where the good stuff happens.

Your nervous system relaxes. Your mind chatter ceases. Time doesn’t matter. 

You’re safe & experiencing the absolute magic of floating.

Frequently Asked Questions

How hygenic is the float tank?

Our tanks have a filtration system that filters the entire float tank solution through a 1–1-micron filter 4 times between each guest. The solution is also passed through UV sanitation and ozone treatment on each cycle. We also use hydrogen peroxide as an oxidizer.  

All of that is in addition to the 1200lbs of Epson salt in the tanks to maintain sanitation in the tanks 

What if I freak out?

If you’re worried about freaking out we recommend starting with the tank door open to let in a little bit of light. The benefits of floating are cumulative because it takes most people a bit of time to really start relaxing in the tank! 

How do I know when my hour is up?

We’ll gently pipe music into your room so you know it’s time to slowly leave the water & rinse off. 

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