The #1 question nearly every woman we’ve worked with asks is, “Can you help me?”

But what she’s really asking is –

  • Will I be ok?
  • Will you listen to me? Will someone please finally listen to me?
  • Will you stay by my side as we figure this all out?
  • Can I trust you?
  • I’m not sure how much more I can take – am I safe here?
  • Will I finally get some ANSWERS?
  • Can you please, please be my final stop on this journey?

There’s always a question behind the question – and we know that. We hear you. Truly.

So Let Us Say This With Our WHOLE Chest


YES we can help you.

YES you will be ok.

YES we will listen to you – so carefully.

YES we will stay by your side as we figure this all out.

YES you can trust us.

YES you are safe here.

YES you will finally get some answers.

YES we will do everything in our power to help you get back to feeling like yourself again.


We don’t perform miracles (though it honestly may feel like we do), but in ALL sincerity, WILD hope, & PROFOUND joy – we have worked with hundreds of women & have had incredible success together.

We are prepared to help you & we need your help on the journey. 

  • You, who are beyond ready to make a change & feel good

  • You, who are beyond ready to get a second opinion & actual answers

  • You, who are beyond ready to run with fresh guidance & KICK ASS

We don’t care if you come in & tell us you’re eating Ding Dongs & Diet Coke every day. If you’re all in, that’s all we ask –

Because so are we.

Ok, how am I crying & pumping my fist in the air at the same time? LET’S DO THIS!!

Sound Familiar?

If any of these sound like you… you’re definitely in the right place.

  • I want more energy

  • I am so freaking tired… I really need to sleep better – like a lot better

  • I have brain fog

  • I experience anxiety way more often than I’m comfortable with

  • My motivation is so low

  • I often wonder if nutrition would help my depression

  • Hello abdominal pain, my old friend

  • I’m definitely constipated 
  • My joints & muscles are killing me softly


  • My belly feels like a balloon – I’m so bloated!


  • Ok, but why do I have weird reactions to certain foods that I can’t explain?


  • My random cravings for carbs & sugar make me feel kind of ashamed, TBH


  • I’ve been to so many doctors & feel pretty hopeless – I just want to feel good again

“My quality of life was so poor in the winter of 2015!  My IBS was horrible, my weight was at its highest, and my fibro pain was pretty much constant. 

A dietician at work gave me Amber’s contact information. She took a very thorough history at our consult meeting. She had me do Food Sensitivities testing. Amber worked very closely with me and helped me meal plan with foods I could actually eat safely. My labs are within normal limits now! 

I can’t say enough about how Amber and her knowledge about the science of nutrition has changed my life.  I highly recommend her for help with any nutritional needs that you are experiencing.”


All The Things We Can Help You With AND THEN SOME

digestive issues + gut health

When the health of your gut declines, so does the rest of your health – womp womp.

But GOOD NEWS – nutrition support can make all the difference.

Just because you’ve learned to live with heartburn, constipation, diarrhea, bloating, cramps, pain, IBS, or chronic fatigue, that’s not how your digestive system is supposed to work, sister.

You get to feel energized after eating, not doubled over in pain.

Our highly specialized training often resolves gut issues without expensive testing – even if you’ve been to GI doctors for years with no answers!

We create an individualized plan to restore your digestive system to health.


When even one hormone is slightly out of balance, your whole body is affected.

Increased menstrual pain, mood swings, PMS, weight gain, acne, uterine & breast fibroids, thinning hair, low energy, digestive distress, irritability, migraines, skin issues, decreased sex drive, polycystic ovaries, cramps, breast tenderness, food cravings, foggy thinking, infertility, blood sugar issues, bloating, mood swings, muscle & joint pains, irregular periods, insomnia, & insulin resistance are just a smattering of super happy fun issues brought on by wonky hormones. 

Nutrition is a MASSIVE factor in balancing your hormones. Wild, right?


Autoimmune diseases come down to genetics, nutrition, or environment.

And while we can’t rewrite genetic codes, an autoimmune disease diagnosis does NOT mean you’re sentenced to a life of pain & meds + symptoms worse than the disease itself. Far from it!

We provide a personalized assessment & recommendations to reduce your AI symptoms without cutting out a ton of food!

Getting to the root cause dramatically decreases your symptoms & pain + gives you your energy & life back.

chronic pain

Chronic pain. Joint pain. Fibromyalgia. Migraines.

There are several root causes to ongoing pain including poor gut health, nutritional deficiencies, & food sensitivities.

We work to identify root cause, craft your ultimate nutrition plan to radically decrease inflammation, improve gut health, restore nutrient deficiencies, optimize hormone balance, & if needed, even do nutrigenomics testing to address your body as a whole to decrease your pain for GOOD. 

Eating Disorders

Recovery from anorexia, bulimia, binge eating or disordered eating is SO much more than following a meal plan & checking boxes to ensure you’re following the “rules.”

We don’t do rules around here.

Recovery is about partnering with someone who GETS you & can guide you back to a healthy relationship with food & your body with you.

Recovery is possible. Are you ready? 


Nutrition is often overlooked when it comes to post TBI / concussion recovery.  

Without proper nutritional intervention, the brain can experience “neuroinflammation” (inflammation of the brain) which can lead to brain fog, memory loss, difficulty concentrating, fatigue, & more.

In fact, the effects of a brain injury can reach far beyond the first few days after the event.

We’re here to improve your cognitive health from the inside out – and make sure it tastes good.

blood sugar balance

Most women struggle with blood sugar balance without a diagnosis of diabetes or prediabetes & they don’t even know it!  

Regardless of if you’re prediabetic, have out of control blood sugars, or crash mid-afternoon, we’re experts in blood sugar management.

 We also have expertise & training in working with type 1, type 2, & prediabetes.


Your child is your world & seeing them in pain or discomfort is the actual worst.

We work with children 13 & up to improve digestive issues, PCOS, disordered eating, eating disorders, & athletic performance – & have a registered dietitian who specializes in teens.

Your tween/teen is in happy, healthy, & safe hands with us!

Listening & Finding the Root Cause Are What Make Us WILDLY Unique

Heal U’s approach to nutrition is a brand new way of doing health.

80% of diagnosis can be made just by listening to a woman’s story. We put the pieces of your puzzle together unlike any provider you’ve ever been to because we spend 2 hours with you at your first appointment just LISTENING.

And though it’s outside of our scope to “diagnose,” what this means is that we are EXCELLENT problem solvers.

When you work with us, you’ll work with a Registered Dietitian trained in creating a personalized holistic plan for you, including:

  • Blending eastern & western nutrition strategies to develop your unique health plan that you can actually live with

  • The real answers to why your body isn’t doing what it’s supposed to do + the actual solutions

  • Delish food recs that you’ll look forward to in the morning, help you zip through your afternoon, & ensure you fall asleep at night like you mean it

We are functional & integrative dietitians.

This means we look at our clients through a lens of root cause. We don’t have a specific method or process – our only goal is to understand your physiology, where your body is breaking down, & start the process of healing so you feel great


ALL of this comes through listening to you every single step of the way. 

  • My joints & muscles are killing me softly


  • My belly feels like a balloon – I’m so bloated!


  • Ok, but why do I have weird reactions to certain foods that I can’t explain?


  • My random cravings for carbs & sugar make me feel kind of ashamed, TBH


  • I’ve been to so many doctors & feel pretty hopeless – I just want to feel good again
“Our philosophy is not to remove food from your diet. There are times we may remove some inflammatory foods, but we won’t just tell you what you can or can’t eat.

What makes us unique is the humility to say ‘Ok, I see you’re not tolerating a lot of food, let’s try to understand why, go as far to the root as we can, & build your food map.’”

–Amber Gourley, Heal U Founder & Lead Dietitian

Here’s Why We Do What We Do

If you find yourself asking, “What in the FRESH HELL is going on with health support for women out there & why is it so awful??” – 

We know.

Healthcare for women as a whole is… rough. To say the least.

The likelihood that you’ve experienced everything from a total runaround to actual trauma from health professionals regarding answers – or lack thereof – to your very real health concerns is HIGH.

We’ve experienced it too & we are over women not being believed, listened to, understood, helped, & HEALED.

That is why we do what we do – & why we’re here to help heal you.

This is LITERALLY what I’ve been searching EVERYWHERE for!

So Let’s Be Real & Talk About Trauma

First & foremost, we are your ADVOCATES.

We want to get to the bottom of your health concerns & get you to the top of your game just as much as you do. That’s why we take matters into our own hands & practice holistic, trauma-informed health – together.

Whether you’ve experienced big-T or little-t trauma by health professionals or in any area of your everyday life, it all has the capacity to impact your health in expected & unexpected ways.

We take this into consideration by design because honestly, who the hell else will?

Nervous system dysregulation & reregulation is a thing & we take it seriously because your body-mind connection is intricate, complex, & powerful.

Your mental health will improve when your body begins to heal, come into alignment, & thrive. We see it every day and we’ve got you.

More importantly, you’ve got you. We’re simply here to empower you. 

“I felt like I wouldn’t be judged. I felt like this was a safe space.”



I’ve never seen a nutritionist before. What will my first session be like?

Get ready to have your whole world changed. Seriously.

Your first session is 2 hours. It will feel like we’ve got all the time in the world & really care about you because we do.

We start by taking a deep dive into you, your health history, & your current health concerns. We do this by LISTENING. Revolutionary, right? We take detailed notes, listen harder, & ask even more questions.

We’ll talk endocrine, neuro, musculoskeletal, & more.

You won’t receive surface level recommendations & there are no outdated meal plans from the ADA circa 1980. We treat you like an individual with individual health concerns & unique-to-you solutions. Your health, your way. For real.

After we have every possible top-of-mind concern & oh-yeah-this-too! noted, our nutritionist will share her recommended plan of care. This includes how many sessions you’ll need to reach your goals, any labs, & all other initial recommendations.

Know that this is a process. Though it may take multiple sessions, we’ll get as close to the actual root of the problem as possible – & then we’ll solve it.

Your first session is the groundwork for where it all starts.


How long will we work together?

You can expect to work with us anywhere from 3 months, 6 months, 10 months, a year, or longer depending on what you & your body need.

What do I need to bring to my first appointment?

Primarily your fine self. Also bring any supplements you take (please bring the bottles!), your medication list, and any recent lab work.

Will you do labs?

We do order some labs on a case-by-case basis, but more often than not we have you pop into your primary doctor with a list of labs we recommend having done. After that, you’ll bring your results into your next appointment to further guide us on your health solutions.

Do you do food sensitivity tests?

We often get clients who want us to do food sensitivity tests or tell them what foods they shouldn’t be eating to resolve their symptoms. This is often our last option. Once we understand what’s happening in your body, we can help restore normal physiological function. Oftentimes, we can ADD food into your diet. Adding rather than subtracting is always our focus!

Do you recommend supplements?

We often recommend supplements as a kickstart to your health journey – not a catch-all solution. So rest assured your customized plan won’t include $500 worth of supplements. Who’s got time & bank for that?

Will you put me on a detox?

We won’t put you on a colon cleanse that makes you poop for seven days straight & we won’t make you drink green juice for a month. What we will do is offer a plan that supports your body’s natural detoxification process – which starts with ensuring your liver is working like a champ. Once your liver’s healthy, we can support your body’s natural detox process even further through using infrared sauna technology to reduce your chemical burden – plus it feels boujee as all get out. Win win. See more information about our infrared saunas here. 

Will nutrition fix everything for me?

Nutrition is where we love to start & is incredibly powerful. We may recommend you use other modalities like massage, float tank, & infrared sauna services in conjunction with nutrition because holistic health is more than nutrition – and we really believe that – we practice it! 


Will insurance cover my appointments?

That’s a real possibility! We partner with multiple insurance companies. See our rates and insurance page here.

Mona’s* Story

I brought Mona into my office & could see from her facial expression all the way down that she had been through a lot & had become a very sour woman – so I just listened.

For the past 6 months, she’d been in & out of doctor’s offices & hospitals with gastric pain.

She’d reached a point where the doctors told her they’d already done everything for her medically & that her bloating – she was complaining of extreme bloating – was all in her head.

They told her she was making it up.

I had been a dietitian for all of 2 months at this point. But as she told me her story, I started to put some pieces together.

I told her, “I don’t know what’s going on right now, but I will research it & if you’ll come back in 2 weeks, we’ll put a plan together for you.”

She simply said, “Ok.”

I did my research, came across a category of foods called  FODMAPs, & said, “Hm, FODMAP containing foods seem to really correlate with the symptoms she’s having.” 

So 2 weeks went by & when she came back, I told her what I’d found – “I think we need to start here.”

We looked at the list & it was very overwhelming for her.

I said, “Ok, let’s go through this list & identify which of these you eat most often.”

We ended up identifying the Fructans category – where wheat & gluten hang out – & put together a plan.

She looked at it & said, “Ok, I can do this” & went on her way.

2 weeks later, she came back a different woman.

From the way she carried herself to the way she looked – her whole face was brighter & she was HAPPY. For the first time in I don’t know how long, this woman was HAPPY.

It wasn’t because I had all the answers – I didn’t.

Mona was pain free & bloat free because I was willing to listen to her, believe her, & find her answers.

Ok for real – can I come in like YESTERDAY?

“I want to EMPOWER our clients – empower you to ask questions, empower you to know when something is not right with your body, empower you to listen to your intuition & not expect to hear “It’s in your head” or “I just don’t know.” We KEEP looking & KEEP searching for answers – because they’re ALWAYS out there.”

–Amber Gourley, Heal U Founder & Lead Dietitian

Feeling better is within reach

Here’s How To Begin

Schedule an appointment for your comprehensive assessment.

Come prepared to tell your story. Be excited about life again.