Not all supplements are created equal.



We believe in using supplements strategically and have a less-is-more approach. We use them to kick start your health journey, not as a long-term solution.


When we recommend supplements, this is what we’re looking for:


  • Quality of material sourced.
  • The manufacturer follows medical-grade manufacturing guidelines.
  • Beneficial formulations.
  • Active, bioavailable nutrients..


Chances are what you’ve been taking has not met this criteria. 


A good question to ask yourself is: Have I spent more than $100 on supplements and do I feel any better?



If the answer is no, it’s time to stop throwing money down the drain



Here’s what we recommend:


1 – Book an appointment with an experienced dietitian.


2 – Head to our supplement store. We’ve done the research and curated the supplements we know met the above criteria.


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