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Meredith I wanted you to know that I’ve made more progress on correcting my eating disorders than I’ve experienced in the last 10 years.

“I’ve worked with Dietitians my whole career. You’re nothing like any of them. You need to be teaching them how to practice.” 

Before I met Amber I felt like I was going to lose my mind and my mobility I had lost all hope. It seemed like every new drug I was offered came with side effects that were as scary as the MS, I felt trapped in a vicious cycle with no hope in sight. 

I found Amber on social media and eventually reached out to her because I felt like she could teach me how to better control my disease (multiple sclerosis). The journey hasn’t been the easiest but don’t be afraid to try, Amber was the support system I needed when the journey got hard. 

In just two weeks I saw a huge difference in my anxiety and my ability to think clearer. I have normal daily bowel movements (which I’ve never done in my whole life!) I don’t itch anymore and the rash on my arms has almost completely gone away. All of that PLUS I am sleeping so much better and I actually have more energy than I have in years! 

I never knew that food played such a huge role in the way I felt, I’m grateful to Amber for opening my eyes to a better way. “

Amber helped me find clarity on many things I was struggling with. She was like my mirror; I love that she asked me what felt right and what didn’t. There were many moments during our coaching sessions where we would come to a conclusion about something and I would just feel a huge weight lifted off my shoulders because she reminded me to think about what felt right to me. I also loved her short, calming meditations to start each session!

My quality of life was so poor in the winter of 2015!  My IBS was horrible, my weight was at its highest, and my fibro pain was pretty much constant. Amber worked very closely with me and helped me meal plan with foods I could actually eat safely. My labs are within normal limits now! I can’t say enough about how Amber and her knowledge about the science of nutrition has changed my life.  I highly recommend her for help with any nutritional needs that you are experiencing.

“I suffered from daily migraines and nausea for 24 years. I tried acupuncture, massage
therapy, prescription and nonprescription medications, and botox for headaches. Botox was
the only treatment that helped my headaches and I regularly took Zofran for nausea. I didn’t
want to be dependent on these anymore. I’ve also struggled with a sugar addiction for about
20 years. I’ve tried to break the habit through all sorts of diets and tricks, and nothing
worked. Constantly being in pain and craving sugar was not sustainable anymore, so I
reached out to HealU as a last resort.

I searched on Google for dietitians who specialize in chronic pain. Based on the website, I
knew HealU would be a good fit for me because of their advocacy for women, body
positivity, and Amber’s experience and expertise. I was confident in Amber’s ability to help
me from our first appointment. Amber sought to understand my medical history, my goals,
my struggles, my mental health, and the way I thought about food and exercise and my
body. She asked insightful questions and I feel like she’s the first provider in my life to look
at me as a whole person, including MDs, PhDs, and other healthcare providers.

I no longer have headaches, nausea, and sugar cravings. I have more energy. I feel better
about my body. I feel confident in understanding what my body is telling me.

Amber helped me identify the foods that cause my headaches and nausea. As long as I
avoid those foods, which is easy, I am headache and nausea free. She helped me break my
sugar craving and habit. Before working with Amber, I was consuming up to 100g of sugar a
day through chocolate and other candy. I no longer feel enslaved to these cravings. I can
enjoy my life without obsessing over sugar. Because of Amber’s coaching, I’m no longer
hungry throughout the day because I eat nutrient-dense foods that satisfy me and help me
feel well. When I started working with Amber, I felt insecure in my body and bought into diet
culture. Amber helped me refocus my goals on feeling well versus losing weight. I have lost
weight as a result, but that has not been my focus or main concern, and I love my body how
it is. I also feel free from calorie-counting, deeming foods good or bad, and obsessing over
what and how much I’m eating. I started playing tennis again because I felt well enough and
motivated to do so. My life has completely changed. I’m healthier physically, mentally, and
emotionally. I could not be more grateful.

Thank you for changing my life. I’ve struggled for so long with nutrition, my body, and living
according to diet culture. I feel free and healthy and cared for.”

~ MM

I came to Heal U with a skin disorder (Hidradenitis suppurativa), insulin resistance and
severe fatigue. I had lost alot of weight in 5 months quickly as a post menopausal lady on
Keto but felt bad and had skin issues. I knew even though I had lost 65 pounds on my own I
was not well and had no strength.

I had friends who said you are not eating enough as I continued to drop weight. My PCP
said to go on a Paleo diet but I knew things on that diet were bad for my skin issues and
insulin resistance so I needed professional nutrition guidance.

After working with Heal U I am now able to walk 5 miles 5 x’s a week with my husband. I am
lifting light weights and am able to do yard work and housework without being fatigued.

I now have a better understanding of how proper nutrition can affect my whole body and
with proper nutrition my mind fog has cleared, my strength has returned and I have much
more energy and skin issues in remission.

My provider gave me great information on how to heal myself with a better eating lifestyle.
They look past medicines and evaluate you as a whole.

When I came to Heal U my health was in decline 2 years after having a baby. My whole
body was inflamed, I was gaining weight, not able to digest food, I had leaky gut, chronic
migraines and poor energy.

Nothing seemed to work, I tried exercise, a relatively healthy diet didn’t work, weight loss
clinics didn’t help and my doctors didn’t seem to listen when I told them something wasn’t

After working with Heal U we identified several issues that had been overlooked by my
other providers with their guidance. My energy has significantly increased, my migraines
have significantly decreased, my bloating and gut issues are resolved and I no longer feel
constantly inflamed and I’m losing weight.

Heal U gave me an alternative medical route. They helped me get to the root vs throwing
drugs at me, they helped me find out what my body was missing.

You all have saved my life. I feel free again!”

~ RS

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