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Meredith I wanted you to know that I’ve made more progress on correcting my eating disorders than I’ve experienced in the last 10 years.

“I’ve worked with Dietitians my whole career. You’re nothing like any of them. You need to be teaching them how to practice.” 

Before I met Amber I felt like I was going to lose my mind and my mobility I had lost all hope. It seemed like every new drug I was offered came with side effects that were as scary as the MS, I felt trapped in a vicious cycle with no hope in sight. 

I found Amber on social media and eventually reached out to her because I felt like she could teach me how to better control my disease (multiple sclerosis). The journey hasn’t been the easiest but don’t be afraid to try, Amber was the support system I needed when the journey got hard. 

In just two weeks I saw a huge difference in my anxiety and my ability to think clearer. I have normal daily bowel movements (which I’ve never done in my whole life!) I don’t itch anymore and the rash on my arms has almost completely gone away. All of that PLUS I am sleeping so much better and I actually have more energy than I have in years! 

I never knew that food played such a huge role in the way I felt, I’m grateful to Amber for opening my eyes to a better way. “

Amber helped me find clarity on many things I was struggling with. She was like my mirror; I love that she asked me what felt right and what didn’t. There were many moments during our coaching sessions where we would come to a conclusion about something and I would just feel a huge weight lifted off my shoulders because she reminded me to think about what felt right to me. I also loved her short, calming meditations to start each session!

My quality of life was so poor in the winter of 2015!  My IBS was horrible, my weight was at its highest, and my fibro pain was pretty much constant. Amber worked very closely with me and helped me meal plan with foods I could actually eat safely. My labs are within normal limits now! I can’t say enough about how Amber and her knowledge about the science of nutrition has changed my life.  I highly recommend her for help with any nutritional needs that you are experiencing.

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