Carbs aren’t the devil. They’re not morally corrupt. They’re not dirty. And you aren’t that different to someone who doesn’t have diabetes. We all need carbs – your body just reacts to them a little differently.

It’s time to get to know your body intimately.

The truth is this: even though there isn’t a cure for diabetes yet, it isn’t a death sentence, you don’t have to eat a highly complicated meal all on your own for the rest of your life and in 99% of cases it can be completely managed with diet and lifestyle!

Yes, you can: 

  • Eat the same meal as your family.
  • Go out for birthday celebrations. 
  • Enjoy all the trimmings at Thanksgiving.

ou have a diagnosis of diabetes. You are not diabetes. 

You are you and your body knows exactly what it needs to eat to look good, feel good, and function at its best.

The problem? What your body needs is being drowned out by information overload that leaves you stuffing your head in the bread basket. 

We don’t work with diets, gimmicks, or quick-fixes that don’t actually fix anything. And we definitely don’t work with government pamphlets from the 80s. 

We work with humans. Unique bodies with unique needs. We know that what works for one person might not work for another. 

Your diabetes is your opportunity to write
The Owner’s Guide To Your Body.

You know, the one you didn’t get when you were born but desperately need.  

You don’t have to manage diabetes alone. We’re here with you. Every step of the way. 



Introducing – The Blood Sugar Balancing Program for women with diabetes

This is a three-month program to turn you into an expert on yourself, your body, and how to manage diabetes YOUR way. 

It’s designed to give you the power through education by our owner and head Registered Dietitian Amber Gourley (MS, RDN, LDN, CDE, CLT). We’ll help you achieve a lower blood sugar level, lose weight, have more energy and feel better than you have in years. 

Here’s What You Get: 

  •  6 appointments at our beautiful office in Johnson City (virtual option available)
  • Valuable training + education between sessions so you’re in the know with the latest information on diabetes management. (valued at ~$855)
  • Weekly check-ins and accountability so you’ll never feel alone or get left behind 
  • Monthly Inbody Assessments that determine muscle mass and fat mass  and much more! (valued at $15 per test) 
  • 1 x metabolic test to assess your resting metabolic rate, so we can fine tune macronutrients specifically for your body. We’re the only ones who can do this locally. (valued at $125)

 Your Investment: $255 or three monthly payments of $85 (this assumes insurance covers sessions at 100%)    

See FAQ for insurance reimbursements. It’s good! &  P.S. – Yes you can use HSA funds to pay for anything not covered by insurance! 

Blissed + Balanced honors your youness and helps you know exactly what your body needs at any moment of the day.

You don’t have to ride the blood sugar rollercoaster any more.

Know exactly what your body needs at any moment of the day to keep your blood sugars cool, calm, and steady. 

When the 3pm crash comes, you’ll know exactly what to do to salvage your afternoon. 

When you start to get brain fog and solving problems feels like undertaking rocket science, you’ll know exactly what to do to get your mental clarity back.

When you want to bail on drinks with the girls, you’ll know exactly what to do to boost your energy and be there. 

You’ll always have the answer. 

Live a life where coffee is optional, your brain is firing on all cylinders, you wow colleagues with your presentations, and you celebrate with dinner and drinks after work. 

Just another normal day in the life of you.  

Nothing should hold you back from living. Especially not your health.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will Insurance Pay?

Take a look at our rates and insurance page, it depends on your policy. If we are in-network with your plan it’s likely that insurance will pay for some if not all of your sessions. Overall diabeties is among the most covered diagnosis that we see 

What is a metabolic assessment?

It’s a 15-20 minute test that measures within 98% accuracy how many calories your body truly needs per day. It does this by measuring how much food or fat is converted to energy in a day. From this equation we’ll be able to find out you true calorie intake 

A recent research study showed a significant amount of error when calculating calorie intake based on online formulas (such as Myfitness Pal). 

 No gimmicks. No fads. 

 Metabolic testing is the gold standard and is scientifically proven to help us create your personalized weight loss plan that works for you. 

Do I Really Need A Body Composition and Metabolic Assessment?

Yes. Because without knowing the distribution of your weight and how much fuel your body needs, it’s hard to set goals that se you up for sucess.

How Many Sessions Are In Your Program?

Our experience shows that twice a month for four months with follow ups every 4-6 weeks for at least 1 year is the most effective way to achieve and maintain diabeties management. 

Can’t I just do this on my own?

If you’re on this page, it’s because you’ve been struggling. You haven’t been able to do it on your own and that’s okay. The human body is complex and you need an expert to troubleshoot your progress and show you a different path.

 I don’t have time right now.

How much time are you spending stressed about your blood sugar? Debating whether you’re allowed to eat this, or go out and drink that? What about the time spent in traffic going back and forth from the doctors to the pharmacy to the lab for more tests? 

And, most importantly, how much time are you spending completely exhausted and missing out on life?

I want to do your program but I'm not in your city?

Reach out and contact us. A virtual option might be available to you.

What if I just want the sessions and not the membership?

In between your sessions is where you succeed or fail. We can set you up for success with a community and support between your sessions. 

Our mission is for each of our clients to walk away a success story and manage their diabetes on their own moving forward – the only way to achieve that is by supporting you between your sessions. 

That’s why we put that component in, however you always have the choice to opt out  

What if I just want to pretend I don’t have diabetes and ignore it?

I want to do that sometimes. That’s how I feel about bookkeeping. It’s okay we all feel like that occasionally and if you’re not ready to go all in, this isn’t the program for you. But we’ll be here when you’re ready. 

How long before I see changes to my lab results?

The program is designed to be three months long because that’s how long it takes for your hemoglobin HgA1c  to reflect all the great work you’re doing.  However if you are up for doing the work we’re confident you’ll feel better within one month

What's your favorite carb?

Watermelon in wine. It’s the best way to eat fruit. 

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