Nutrition Therapy

Nutrition help.

Feel Like A mIllion Dollars again.

Best nutritionist in Kingsport

Leave the Chanel at home, all you need is your health. Because Betty White. 

The days of outdated meals plans with boiled chicken and mushy broccoli are over. Because bio individuality.

At Heal U we know there is soooo much more to living in a body that does what it’s supposed to. 

When you work with us, you’ll work with a Registered Dietitian trained in creating a personalized  holistic plan including: 

  • Blending eastern and western nutrition strategies to develop your unique health plan that you can actually live with. 
  • The answers to why your body can’t do what it’s supposed to do and the solution. 
  • Delicious and decadent food recommendations that will have you bounding out of bed, zipping through the afternoon, and falling asleep peacefully at night. 


what can we help you with?


Nutrition is arguably the biggest factor in creating a healthy hormone balance. When even one hormone is slightly out of balance the whole body is affected. Increased menstrual pain, crazy mood swings, PMS, weight gain, acne, uterine and breast fibroids, thinning hair, low energy, digestive distress, irritability, migraines, skin issues, decreased sex drive, polycystic ovaries, cramps, breast tenderness, food cravings, foggy thinking, infertility, blood sugar issues, bloating, mood swings, muscle & joint pains, irregular periods, insomnia, insulin resistance. Nutrition can restore your hormones back to a healthy balance. 

digestive issues + gut health

As the health of your gut declines so does the rest of your health. Nutrition support can help. While you may have learned to live with heartburn, constipation, diarrhea, bloating, cramps, pain, IBS, chronic fatigue, that’s not actually how digestive system is supposed to work. You should feel energized after eating, not doubled over in pain. We’ll remove the guesswork and use targeted testing to identify where the gut is out of balance to create an individualized plan to restore the digestive system to health.

chronic pain

Chronic pain. Joint pain. Fibromyalgia. Migraines. In my extensive work with chronic pain, there are several root causes including poor gut health, nutritional deficiencies and food sensitivities. Using targeting food sensitivity testing, we’ll craft the ultimate nutrition plan optimized to radically decrease inflammation, addresses gut health, restoring nutrient deficiencies, optimizing hormone balance and address the body as a whole to decrease pain for good. 


Autoimmune diseases come down to either genetics, nutrition & environmental and while we can’t rewrite genetic code the reality is that being diagnosed with an autoimmune disease doesn’t mean you are sentenced to a life of pain and medications with symptoms worse than the disease. Starting with a test, we’ll address inflammation and gut health, followed by uncovering the underlying nutrient deficiencies and hormone imbalances. Diving deep to the root, we dramatically decrease symptoms and pain while giving you back your energy and your life. 

Eating Disorders

Regardless of if you are battling anorexia, bulimia, binge eating or disordered eating recovery is more than just following a meal plan and checking the boxes to make sure you’re following the `rules”. It’s about truly partnering with someone who gets you and who can guide you back to a healthy relationship with food and your body. 

food sensitivities + inflammation

At the root of all chronic conditions lies inflammation. Using an incredibly powerful and targeted food sensitivity test, we’ll craft a custom diet to drastically decrease inflammation and see dramatic symptom improvement within 15-30 days. 


Your child is your world and seeing them in pain or discomfort can be agonizing. From newborns to age 17 we work with children to resolve and improve eczema, digestive issues, picky eating, food sensitivities & allergies, underweight, poor weight gain & failure to thrive, overweight & excessive weight gain.

blood sugar balance

Regardless of if you pre-diabeties, out of control blood sugars or crashing mid-afternoon we’re experts in balancing blood sugars, helping you reduce.

not sure what is going on?

We’ll do a through assessment, test as appropriate and create a plan to coach you through your own personal health issues. 

“My quality of life was so poor in the winter of 2015!  My IBS was horrible, my weight was at its highest, and my fibro pain was pretty much constant. 

A dietician at work gave me Amber’s contact information. She took a very thorough history at our consult meeting. She had me do Food Sensitivities testing. Amber worked very closely with me and helped me meal plan with foods I could actually eat safely. My labs are within normal limits now! 

I can’t say enough about how Amber and her knowledge about the science of nutrition has changed my life.  I highly recommend her for help with any nutritional needs that you are experiencing.”

– M.H.

I’ve never seen a nutritionist before. What will my first session be like?

First and foremost we will treat you like an individual. Our motto is “Your Health Your Way”. We realize everyone is different and your path to health will be distinctive to that of the person we saw yesterday.


Here’s a brief outline of what to expect during your first appointment:

  • We start by taking a deep dive into you, your health history and current health concerns.
  • We listen closely, take detailed notes and ask even more questions.
  • You won’t receive surface level recommendations from our team. There’ll be no outdated meal plans from the ADA circa 1980.
  • Our goal is to drill down to get as close to the root of the problem as possible, although it may take several sessions as this is a process.
  • In the last part of your session your dietitian/nutritionist will share her thoughts and a recommended plan of care. This may include the number of sessions to help you reach your goals, as well as any labs or other recommendations she may have.
Can you really help?

The truth is this: We don’t know. Until we get an idea of what’s going on and do a full assessment, we won’t know because you can only get so much information from a 10-minute conversation

What we can tell you is we’ve worked with hundreds of people and have had great success with many of them.

It also comes back to you. Are you ready to make the changes? Are you ready to listen to a second opinion? Are you ready to take guidance? 

Come in, have an appointment.

We’ll tell you straight up what to expect on your health journey. 

Whatever your condition, we’re always in your corner advocating for you.

Do you recommend supplements?

Yes we often recommend supplements as a kick start on your health journey, but not as a solution. You can rest assured your customized plan won’t include $500 worth of supplements. 

Can you help me detox? Will you put me on one?

No, we don’t put you on colon cleanses that make you poop for seven days straight. And we won’t make you drink green juice only for a month. 

What we do offer is a plan that will support your body’s natural detoxification process, which starts with ensuring your liver is working optimally.

Once your liver is healthy, the detoxification process is further supported using infrared sauna to reduce your chemical burden. 

Click here for more information about infrared saunas. 


What do I need to bring to my first appointment?

Any supplements you are taking (please bring the bottles), your medication list and you most recent lab work. If you have none of these, just bring yourself. 

Will you do labs?

We do order some labs on a case-by-case basis, but most times we’ll send you back to your doctor with a list of labs that we recommend having  drawn.

Feeling better is within reach.

Here’s how to begin:

Schedule an appointment for your comprehensive assessment.

Come prepared to tell your story.

Be excited about life again.