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We are working hard to bring massage to Heal U however massage services are currently unavailable at this time. 

Everyday you carry the load that is life. 

When rolling out of bed, dropping the kids off at school, and working at your desk all day leaves you with a kink in your neck, tight hips and lower back pain, it’s time to take a load off. Literally. 

 Welcome to your self-care routine where you get one uninterrupted hour (or more) of being taken care of. 


Our highly trained massage therapists will have you walking away feeling refreshed and restored. 


Relaxation isn’t the only benefit of getting a massage.


Massage helps improve circulation, eliminate toxins, improve lymphatic systems, reduce anxiety, sleep better, decrease muscle tension that helps decrease pain.


In addition, there are certain chronic conditions like diabetes that decrease your circulation which contributes to swollen legs and ankles and feeling sluggish. Getting massaged helps improve your circulation. 


Contact us at 423-530-6556 to find out more about booking and availability ! 

Feeling better is within reach.

Here’s how to begin:

Schedule an appointment for your comprehensive assessment.

Come prepared to tell your story.

Be excited about life again.