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infrared sauna Johnson City

Boost your body’s ability to revitalize, renew, and restore itself at the cellular level.

Your body works overtime. It puts out fires left, right, and center. Your body doesn’t get a vacation. It never stops.

It has no off button. There’s no reboot.

Add in a chronic illness, and your body bank goes into debt. 

Your body’s to-do list is a mile long – it keeps your heart beating, your lungs breathing, and your brain thinking. Detoxification gets the short end of the stick. 

And when your body doesn’t detoxify, this is what happens: 

  • You get ill more often.
  • Your skin will be dull and be prone to breakouts.
  • Your joints might ache.
  • Your sensitivity to smells intensifies.
  • Your digestion slows down.

Infrared sauna is the service your body needs to upgrade it from a Civic to a Porsche. 

Imagine your newly energized body. Your skin glows, your hair is healthy, you feel alert and happier, your thinking is sharper, and you get fewer colds.

All you have to do is sit in a warm room for 20 to 45 minutes.

Play your favorite music and relax as the infrared wavelengths raise your core temperature and promote a healthier immune system.  

Infrared Sauna Expansion postponed due to COVID 19
Now coming Summer/Fall 2021!

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