A Massage For Your Nervous System

Float Tank Therapy in Kingsport

Solve problems faster. Be sharper. Have more energy during the day. 

You make time to go to the gym. You make time to get a massage. You don’t make time to think.

You need to slow down to speed up.  

We know you’re busy. We know that daily meditations aren’t going to happen. But what if you could make a date with yourself? Where there are no emails, no kids wanting toast, no laundry, no dishes, no spouses, no work, no animals, no bills. Where you can just forget the world for an hour. 

After that hour you’ll be more resilient than before. And that gets stronger every time you float. 

Life is still there waiting for you at the end of the float, but you have more patience, you can manage your stress better, you have fewer sleepless nights because the monkey in your mind is quiet, and you let things go without ruminating. 

Sleep deeper. Reduce anxiety. Lower your blood pressure. Aid muscle relaxation and recovery.


What To expect in the Float Tank 

Just like the healing benefits of the Dead Sea, our float rooms are therapeutic for your mind, body, and soul. 

When you book a float with us, you’ll be greeted by our concierge at reception. The soft lights and gentle music will instantly make you feel as though your shoulders are dropping. 

After a cup of tea, you’ll be taken to your private room. 

We’ll walk you through how the float tank works so you feel comfortable then we’ll leave. 

You have the option to have the lights on or off for the full sensory deprivation aspect of the tank.

You have access to a button that links you to reception in case you need support. 

You can listen to music in waterproof headphones or enjoy the silence and let the nervous system relax.

You have room to move your arms or stand up, and you can leave the door open.

There’s four feet of water that’s so salty you’re weightless. 

The water and air temperature is set to 93 degrees, which is the approximate temperature of the body so you’re neither too hot nor too cold. You’ll be just right. 

You’ll float for about 60 minutes. It might take 20 minutes or so to relax into the experience, but that’s totally normal. 

This is where the good stuff happens.

The monkey mind chatter ceases. Time doesn’t matter.

That’s the magic of floating.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know when my hour is up?

We’ll gently pipe some music into your room so you know it’s time to slowly leave the water and rinse off. 

How hygenic is the float tank?

Water is cycled four to five times between sessions to manage any impuritieis that survited the salt water 

What if I freak out?

There’s a panic button in the tank with you. All you need to do is press it and someone will come to your aid. 

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