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You don’t have to battle your eating disorder alone.


Eating Disorder Treatment Center in Johnson City, TN


To everyone who isn’t inside your mind, it looks like you’ve got it all figured out 

You have a family that adores you to your core.

And whenever people see you, you flash them a pearly smile that paints the perfect ‘life’ picture.

What they don’t see is what’s going on behind the smile.

The constant battle. The unbearable anxiety. The daily struggle to just survive. Because you have to face your enemy every minute of every day. Your inner demon. Your resident monster.

Except this one doesn’t live under your bed, it lives in your brain.

And it tells you that food is bad. That food is the real enemy. That if you haven’t eaten anything yet, to keep it that way, and if you have eaten, well, you better get that food out of your body ASAP.

The resident monster tells you you’re stuck with it, now and forever, that you’ll never escape, however much you might want to, and, most convincingly, that if you put that food in your mouth bad things will happen.

And you listen. You obey. Because you don’t have a choice.

But what if you did have a choice?

What if there was someone who could help battle your monster? Someone who has helped women battle these monsters many times before – and come out the other side with a few scars but a whole life ahead of them? Someone who could help give you the freedom from food that, deep down, you crave more than anything – and still allow you to feel in control?

We’re here to be that someone who fights for you. 

If there’s one thing I know, it’s that amongst the torment and suffering and succumbing to the voice in your head, you desperately want to live.

And if there’s another thing I know, it’s that the mainstream methods aren’t working and you probably feel like you have nothing left to try.

You do.

Maybe you’re struggling with anorexia nervosa and making decisions is almost impossible. So many foods are off limits that you don’t know what to eat anymore. So, sometimes, you don’t eat anything at all. You might have had treatment before, and it really helped, but the thought of going it alone is terrifying because you’re just not ready.

Maybe you’re struggling with bulimia and you feel so disgusted with yourself after a binge that, after you’ve got it all out, you exercise harder than you ever have before. It makes you feel better… until the next time.

Or maybe you have another eating disorder – or you haven’t been diagnosed but these words are ringing oh-so true for you right now – and you feel like no one understands. No one really GETS it. And that makes you feel more alone than ever.

Whichever story you’re writing, you know you need help. You just don’t know who to ask for it, how to ask for it, or if you even want to ask for it.

Maybe you think: there’s no way out for me. I’m one of those people that can’t be helped. Whatever program or plan or drug you want to throw at me just won’t work.

And I understand why you feel that way. Because you’ve tried to battle so many times before but you were defeated every time. Inside, you feel broken. Helpless. Useless. Like you’re stuck in a prison with dark walls and only the tiniest sliver of light. And every day that goes by, that light gets dimmer and dimmer. The best that you can do right now is just get through the day, and that’s hard enough.

But I believe I can help you. I’ve helped other women in your position and they’ve gone on to live lives outside the food prison that they would never have imagined.


The First Step To Getting Your Freedom Back Is…

 Booking an initial consult with Meredith where she’ll hold your hand as you work towards creating a healthier relationship both with food and with yourself.


Here are a few of the topics we can cover, and this will be completely guided by you:

    • Myth busting: explaining the real science behind nutrition and nourishment
    • Techniques to overcome your fears of food, however severe they are
    • Learning to trust your body using intuitive eating skills
    • Planning meals, for you and your family
    • Developing realistic and balanced exercise patterns
    • Grocery shopping
    • Goal setting and progress tracking
    • If you’re local to Johnson City, we can even arrange to cook, have meals or snacks together or even a grocery store tour!

You weren’t meant for long days of relentless tiredness, that starts as soon as you wake up after a (supposedly) restful sleep, quickly followed by the brain fog that sucks up all your focus, so suddenly it’s the end of the day and you’ve made no headway on your to-do list, haven’t fixed a meal for your family, and forgot to eat yourself. Even though you were consumed by thoughts of food all day long.

Here’s the thing. Every second you think about eating (or not eating) is a second that you’re not spending living.

It’s hurting your family, and it’s hurting your heart. All you want is some peace. And space for you and food to make friends again, slowly but surely.

Spend quality time with your family consumed with JOY, not thoughts of food.

So you can look in the mirror and accept what you see because you’ve learned how to make food your friend, not your enemy.

Say yes to the dinner invitation for the first time since… can you even remember?

It’s all possible. Yes, it can take 7 years of effort to fully recover from an eating disorder, but right now it probably feels like a full-time job anyway – and that requires a lot of effort in itself.

When it comes to your health, you’re doing the same things and nothing’s changing. Change has to start somewhere.

So let’s try something different. Let’s use food as your medicine, not your enemy.

Bet on us. Because we’re sure as hell betting on you.

It’s time. Book an initial consult today now by clicking the button below. 

Get my freedom back 

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“I felt mentally and physically sick constantly.  I felt like I wasn’t in control of my own body and I didn’t feel confident in what I saw in the mirror. It made me not want to go out and do anything with friends or family. All I wanted to do was stay in bed all day.

Shortly after starting my journey I had a lot of personal issues come up, which caused my confidence to plummet and my desire to change to halt. However, Meredith’s constant encouragement and logical yet understanding approach gave me the strength to move forward.

Now I am far more conscious of my eating habits and my mental and emotional states. It has become easier to push forward. Now I have more energy to be physically active and I have learned how to work through my health issues more effectively.

Working with Meredith was wonderful! I didn’t feel like I was talking to a stranger, I felt like I was talking to a friend.”   For me Heal U is a place where I have healing sessions that cause me to really think about my issues and how to conquer them.”

I’ve never seen a nutritionist before. What will my first session be like?

First and foremost we will treat you like an individual. Our motto is “Your Health Your Way”. We realize everyone is different and your path to health will be distinctive to that of the person we saw yesterday.


Here’s a brief outline of what to expect during your first appointment:

  • We start by taking a deep dive into you, your health history and current health concerns.
  • We listen closely, take detailed notes and ask even more questions.
  • You won’t receive surface level recommendations from our team. There’ll be no outdated meal plans from the ADA circa 1980.
  • Our goal is to drill down to get as close to the root of the problem as possible, although it may take several sessions as this is a process.
  • In the last part of your session your dietitian/nutritionist will share her thoughts and a recommended plan of care. This may include the number of sessions to help you reach your goals, as well as any labs or other recommendations she may have.
Can you really help?

The truth is this: We don’t know. Until we get an idea of what’s going on and do a full assessment, we won’t know because you can only get so much information from a 10-minute conversation

What we can tell you is we’ve worked with hundreds of people and have had great success with many of them.

It also comes back to you. Are you ready to make the changes? Are you ready to listen to a second opinion? Are you ready to take guidance? 

Come in, have an appointment.

We’ll tell you straight up what to expect on your health journey. 

Whatever your condition, we’re always in your corner advocating for you.

What do I need to bring to my first appointment?

Any supplements you are taking (please bring the bottles), your medication list and you most recent lab work. If you have none of these, just bring yourself. 

Feeling better is within reach

Here’s How To Begin

Schedule an appointment for your comprehensive assessment.

Come prepared to tell your story. Be excited about life again.